Technology and Transportation

Topics: Internet, Mobile phone, Internet access Pages: 4 (1394 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Chito Chibuye
English 1101

“However, I believe technology has done wonders for our world as far as spreading information and making it as simple as clicking a button to communicate worldwide.” “Meaning that if we stay on the path we are now, which is one of convenience, reliance, efficiency, as well as immediacy; there very well may come a time to where us thinking is literally no longer needed.”(Carr 1) These are just a few of the ideas that even Nicholas Carr realizes as a few of the internets’ privileges we as human are gifted with in this technologically growing world. He only goes on to list a few of the advantages in this article as well. Search engines such as Google as well as the entire Internet as a whole have become such a big part of our everyday lives. The internet can now be talked to any individual because now “virtually” (play on words) all of us use computers and/or the internet today. I mean think about it, with without today’s technology this class would use up a lot more resources going through papers and writing utensils we use like pens, and pencils. To get on another level I couldn’t even get on the internet enter in my password and my login name to get onto EMMA and post simple things like papers for you to see. It would simply be impossible. There are also many other more important things than research papers and EMMA that the internet has helped the world’s people today and that it will continue to help. Google and the Internet as well as any other invention of technology that was meant to improve the standard of living will be abused, and is abused. Regardless, the internet, Google, and technology as we know it today do us more good than it does us harm. There are plenty of positives that come directly from having the internet and the more it has evolved the better it gets. Everyone can remember getting on their computer and loading it up. Taking a bathroom break before it loaded, connecting to dial-up with that...
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