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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Technology is growing at such a rapid pace. Computers are getting better and better. If a person is not computer literate, there is no way that he or she will survive the technological advances of the future. The author of Hamlet’s Blackberry, William Powers, believes technology is ruining physical togetherness creating human contact to be insignificant. He says, “The rushed, careless quality of screen communication is of a piece with the disconnecting of physical togetherness. When everyone is endlessly available, all forms of human contact being to seem less special and significant.”(53) In today's society people are very dependent technology. William Powers the author of Hamlet's Blackberry has stated numerous times that we have surrounded ourselves in technology and that people can't go anywhere without updating their life. According to Powers, "We've all immersed ourselves in one very particular mode of connectedness, to the point of obsession and pulled away from all other modes". (57) Technology has made people forget how to talk to each other face-to-face. Powers has also talked about how our productivity has changed due to the amount of interruptions we face each day. I agree with Powers when he says the technology is growing at a fast pace and it is becoming more of a problem. Technology does has its up and downs, but since its apart of the world we have to learn how to adapt to it. One of the downs to technology is texting because kids think they can text and drive. More and more teenagers are causing great bodily harm to themselves and other because they aren’t paying attention to the road. The positive would be people are able to video chat to a relative or friend that is overseas or in another city by a click on the computer. William Powers and Cathy Davidson both have different views on technology and it affects people. William Powers believe that technology is taking over our life and our consciousness. Powers says that technology has trapped...