Technical: Typography and Section Headings

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Template and Instructions for Preparation of a Technical Paper for URP 2

First Name1 and Other Names2

1Affiliation, City, Country, E-mail
2Affiliation, City, Country, E-mail

ABSTRACT: This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your full paper for ICCEIB-SOMChE 2011. Author is strongly encouraged to go through these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Use 10 pt Arial fonts and single spacing for the text. The abstract should give a brief account of the most relevant aspects of the paper. The full paper is limited to 10 pages maximum.

Key words: up to 5 keywords separated by comma


The paper should be new and never been published before in any conference or journal. All manuscripts must be in English, also the table and figure texts, otherwise we cannot publish your paper. Please keep a second copy of your manuscript in your office. When receiving the paper, we assume that the corresponding authors grant us the copyright to use the paper for the book or journal in question. Should authors use tables or figures from other Publications, they must ask the corresponding publishers to grant them the right to publish this material in their paper. Use italic for emphasizing a word or phrase. Do not use boldface typing or capital letters except for section headings (cf. remarks on section headings, below).


The body of the text must be divided into sections. Each section must be complete in the idea and point of view. The section headings are in boldface capital and lowercase letters. Second level headings are typed as part of the succeeding paragraph (like the subsection heading of this paragraph).

2.1 Section heading
Please do not underline the subheading. The text that follows should be typed with a 10 pt Arial font. Leave one blank line before each subheading. Do not leave any blank line between the subheading and the text that follows it....
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