Tech Based Society

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Pros and Cons of a Tech Based Society
Pros Of Technology
In the 21st century, technology has become an increasing crucial part of everybody’s life – whether they admit it or not.  In some cases, technology completely controls a person. Cell phones, laptops, television, videogames have come to be an accepted aspect of our everyday lives. The debate we set out to resolve today is whether or not this surge in technology is more beneficial or harmful to our education. We will attempt to reveal the more positive side of technology. Undoubtedly, cell phones and computers can be utilized to maximize our work potential. However, studies have shown that even television and videogames, in moderate amounts, have beneficial effects. In recent years, the cell phone has become a minimized laptop which has allowed people to utilize even the smallest windows of time. While our generation has shifted to sharing even the most intimate, trite details (I ate a cupcake today! It was great!! lol), the ease at which we can communicate should not be necessarily be viewed in a purely negative light. Many jobs require constant contact and the ability to instantly transfer information has shaped the business world. Additionally, Cell phones allows the individual to escape the cubicle and be able to complete work in any environment 

Individuals have decried technology as hindering student’s education by being a constant distraction and shortening their attention spans. Yet the benefits of technology outweigh the negatives and should not be overlooked.  Computers can act as an assistant teacher and a tutor for those who are falling behind. While humans have their flaws, computer can solve many problems a teacher can not. Many times a teacher can not take the time to repeat concepts to each individual student, but technology has allowed teachers to begin uploading their lectures to help students. People believe that online reach can lead to shorten attention spans and the expectation of instant gratification. However, studies suggest that internet users show greater brain activity than non-users, growing their neural circuitry (Richtel , Attached to Technology and paying a Price). The question of ethic  and morality must be addressed with this greater access to technology. Some students are inevitably turn to cheating  with the ability to use their phones to access information during tests or buy essays on line. However, technology also “allows people to combat cheating’s (Gabriel). A  company called Vaeon Test Security, founded in Mississippi in 2006, “analyses answer sheets by computer and flags those with so many of the same question wrong or right that the change of random agreement are astronomically small.” Incidentally, cheating has declined 70 percent in Mississippi since the company’s founding(Cheaters Find an Adversary in Technology). Similar companies and programs exist for plagiarism . Teachers can put their student’s papers into a program which then tests the students papers against other papers in the database. Even music and video games are beneficial to our education despite prior beliefs. While music may impair performance, under the right circumstances. Music can alleviate anxiety and depression (Carland-Adams). Music can enhances mood and can increase cognitive functioning as spatial awareness. Additionally, moderate video game usage has allowed players to better “track the movement of a third more objects on the screen.” As a result, gamers have improved reactions and the ability to pick details amid clutter. 

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Pros and Cons of technology in education
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