Teams at Kluster

Topics: Motivation, Problem solving, Punctuated equilibrium Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: December 13, 2011


Kluster has many teams; these are set teams that work on many projects as a whole. They follow the Five stage Model with the exception of pregroup, Forming, and storming. This group has been together for a while thus the first few are not needed, neither is the Punctuated equilibrium model

The illuminator team has many different people I terms of characteristics; It doesn’t look they have one person to one type of task. This goes against the “roles” (pg 171)

The team has a reward system that allows for positive feedback more often then negativity; they use extrinsic motivation, which goes against the “cognitive evaluation theory” Alfie Kohn

Everyday the team sits to talk about the goals- this help with team efficiency and cohesiveness.

Ben Kaufman who is the CEO of Kluster- he has everybody finish a to do list he is very hand on and does not share his leadership roles with his subordinates that the “Characteristics of an Effective Team” dictate.

The CEO Ben Kaufman is the only leader of the group. He makes to do lists for the individuals he is a Contingent Reward Manager (leadership Model pg 279), this causes for the team to be less effective. The team needs to have more control of their own work and more leadership roles stated in the Characteristics of an Effective team (pg165)

The Illuminator group does not seem to have diversity. They are all computer white males who are computer or software designers/ programmers. This causes a lack of diversity, which can reduce many key aspects that this team needs such as increased creativity, flexibility, and problem solving skills- Team composition, Diversity (pg 171)

Teams are usually really good, but there are times where teams are not preferable. Ben Kaufman is not allowing his group of people to work individually. Yes he is allowing for Virtual teams that meet but this is also everyday. This is not an ideal situation for everybody every day. This is...
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