Team Organization Strategy

Topics: Problem solving, Want, Team Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: May 13, 2013
When creating a team to support a big project like our organization’s it takes a lot of preparation and planning to do properly. At Riordan Manufacturing we are creating new Heart Valves to CardiCare Valve heart valves in Dallas, Texas. To manage this big project I have assembled a 5 man team to help us create a successful business. To create a successful team there is different types of strategies I can use. One thing I need out of the team which is very important is diversity within the team. I need people with different skills so that I give people different tasks and jobs to do that are their specialties. The more diverse the team is the more opportunity I have to discuss different areas and I will be able to get different types of feedback from different areas. Another strategy is to create different goals for everyone and give them dates in which they have to produce the goals so that we can efficiently get down what we set out to do in a timely fashion. Also this gives them a little time cushion so that they are not scrambling to get things down all at once and gives them a little agenda every day. Another strategy which goes along with the goal setting is having a common plan and purpose. Everyone having a common plan and purpose within the team is beneficial because I want team members who are striving to be successful and making the company successful because this type of team is what is going to make the company go far. What I don’t want is a team member who just wants to get a paycheck and not want to do more than what is required because the company will not advance at all. Some barriers that might occur would be if some of the team members do not get along with each other and do not want to work with each other. It is important as a manager to make sure people feel comfortable to go to work without getting themselves into any drama. Having team members fighting with each other and not getting along only sets the team back father because we have to...
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