Teaching Situation

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A1a. Teaching Situation
The teaching situation in the video was a typical computer lab type of classroom. The tables were arranged around the perimeter of the room as well as an aisle in the middle with two long tables. Computers were placed on top of the tables with a adequate spaces in between to allow each student to have enough space to work. On the wall of the classroom there was a blackboard, as well as a LCD screen that was utilized to show the students what the teacher was doing on the teachers computer. A large wood cupboard is placed alongside of the blackboard. There is a globe and an overhead projector that is near the teachers computer and workspace. Each student is seated at their own computer. A1b. Educational Activities

The student s in the video were instructed to create a summary on the computer using a word processor. First, the students reviewed the material that they had read as a group. Second, the students created a graphic organizer on the computer that showed the main ideas and supporting details of the information they had read. Finally, the students produced a summary on the computer and reviewed their summaries together as a class. A1c. Instructional Delivery

The instructional delivery that the teacher presented in the video was direct instruction when she was reviewing the students reading material. Later on, the teacher employs computer assisted instruction by using the LCD panel to project her word processing example to the students. The technology that was incorporated into the lesson was a desktop computer, a word processing program, as well as an LCD panel. A2a. Level of Student Engagement

During the lesson, the students were actively listening to the teachers instructions as she described what they were to do. Students used the technology in the lesson; first, by using the computer and also the word processor in order to create their own graphic organizer as the teacher instructed...
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