Teaching Reading Through Phonics

Topics: Rio de Janeiro, English language, Learning Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Phonics is the method of teaching reading through the sounds of the letters. When a young pupil is learning how to read through phonics this child learns to recognize the difference between the letters and combination of letters. Beginning with the simple alphabet and then developing in to reading full words and sentences. It helps in understand the stress, rhythm, intonation, linking, and other features of connected speech of any word. Michael Rosen, a children’s novel and poetry author, believes the phonics approach is one that might not fit all children. Furthermore, he is concerned that the use of phonics takes the fun from reading, and eventually prevents the pupils from enjoying reading as they get older. One of the biggest advantages of teaching through phonics is that it helps children to recognize the difference of pronunciation at an early age. Phonics will help the children read and pronounce words at a more advanced level simply by following the system of the pronunciations associated with phonics. When phonics is introduced when they are still learning how to read children will progress faster in terms of pronunciation. On the other hand, phonics is a systematic process for young children who are just learning how to read and it tends to be less fun than reading children’s book. With phonics it is harder to keep the children’s attention. Finally, at this age children should be developing their imagination but heavy use of phonics might take away their enthusiasm and creativity. I think phonics is a very important part of teaching to read because it helps our pupils to recognize the sounds of the words. Especially at the British School of Rio de Janeiro, where they are not all native English speakers, it is good to introduce phonics in early ages. This can help the pupils to become excellent English speakers in the future. But phonics should not be the only method of teaching these pupils how to read. I believe they can have phonics lessons as a...
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