Action Reading Fundamentals

Topics: Phonics, Reading, Alphabet Pages: 6 (2125 words) Published: March 1, 2011
Action Reading Let’s Get Started
Denise Kersey
February 14th, 2011
EDU371 Phonics Based Reading and Decoding
Instructor:  Therese Schultz-Nourse

Action Reading Let’s Get Started
Action reading FUNdamentals is a phonics-based program designed to assist an instructor with effective methods of reading instruction. The intention of this program was to allow students or adults a way to enhance their skills of reading. The idea behind this program is to help develop a love of reading. This course provided the opportunity for a college student to teach this program effectively to a student within four weeks. Profile of student; Jake is a white, eight year old, male, he lives with both parents and his two siblings. His family is currently on governmental assistance, since his father’s honorable discharge from the United States Army last year. His father is of average intelligence and received his high school diploma before entering the military; his mother did not graduate and struggled in school. Jack has a history of speech and hearing complications because has struggled with several sets of ear tubes because of ear infections. Jack never received early education opportunities currently he is in the third grade. Jack is currently reading below his grade level; because of this, the school administered a standardized test to document his reading level. The test results indicated a low average range of reading and writing skills. He has an IEP (Individualized Education Program). The IEP requires implementation of accommodations in all subjects to address his weaknesses in reading and writing. The expectations of accommodations are required in all regular education classrooms. Jack and other students will be broken down into small groups, given extended time limits, questions and directions are to read aloud, a scribe, and frequent breaks given.

The Fundamentals-Phonics Tutorial: Action Reading program: disc one and two has much information. The introduction to the workbook pages one through twenty-four during week one. Jack began using the workbook and flashcards. His opportunity to listen or practice the modules on these discs has been limited. The instructor has limited Jack’s use of materials because the instructor’s impression was to develop a curriculum designed to fit the student. Jack with the help of the instructor used these target sounds to sound out his nightly reading assignment from school. In a limited time, Jack was able to produce most of the alpha mobile sounds. . “Alphabetic Principle A writing system designed to associate major speech sounds (phonemes) with a limited set of alphabet letters” (Phonics Online). The instructor introduced disc two; short cuts and 2:4:1 sounds. The instructor continued to have Jack practice the Aah, Bah, Cuh alpha mobile sounds aloud along with the flashcards. Jack has begun to notice the sounds in the songs that coincide with the Action Reading program. Teaching Phoneme-grapheme Correspondence There are two sides to using the power of phonemic awareness that help children as they learn to read. One side focuses on distinguishing sounds in words. The other side starts with the letters that represent these sounds (phonemes) and moves towards reproducing the spoken sounds the letters represent (Phonics Online). The following morning as Jack was driven to school he was quizzed on the sounds; suh, tuh, ouh, puh spells STOP, cuh, aah, nuh spells CAN. He was able to identify twelve out of fifteen words. “Using grapho – phonemic cue Letters represent sounds and enable readers to sound out words towards recognition” (Phonics Online). Jack has continued to practice with the workbook and some games are now in the early stages of introduction. During the second week of the Action Reading Program: introduction of disc three and four of the program. The workbook consisted of twenty-three new pages. These pages consisted of Consonant Digraphs - two consonants combined to represent...
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