Teaching of Speaking Skills at Primary Level in Mardan

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Chapter 1

Progress and advancement of the countries of the world are always related with the kind of education they offer to their people .Generally education is the concern of Government and public in democratic countries. Pakistan is a democratic country and democracy cannot function with out education. Education is essential for human development. Modern age is the age of science and technology. Education gives people expertise and skills for different fields to keep them abreast with the changing realities of life. As “ A man without knowledge is really a blind even he has eyes. Educated man is as much superior to uneducated person. It nourishes us like mother, guides us like father and delights us like wife”(Ahmad, 1969).

The development of education depends on the language that is unique tool granted to human beings for communication. It is one of the gifts, gifted by Allah to distinguish mankind from animal. Therefore development of civilization and education depends upon the growth and use of language. Today we know that the whole world has changed to a global village. Every country and nation of this global village has direct or indirect relation with each other in sphere of education, trade, commerce and health e.g. but there is a great problem of the medium of communication for the people of the world. At present we see that English is the only international communication medium for the people of this global village.

It is evident that the position of English in Pakistan is vitally important. As Quaid-e-Azam declared in the first education conference that Urdu will be the official language, but he never ignored the importance of English. According to him “As regard English, while the injurious effects of making an alien language medium of instruction has been widely recognised, it must, for some considerable time to come, retrain its pride of place both in the sphere of our university education and as a means of international communication “ (Government of Pakistan, 1947).

Commission on national education 1959 observed that English would continue because it is the only effective means of communication on the latest developments in science and technology. Therefore all educated persons in country should have a sound knowledge of this language. (Government of Pakistan, 1959).

The constitution of Pakistan provides a specific framework for the instruction of Urdu as the national language and English may be used for official purpose until arrangements are made for its replacement by Urdu (Government of Pakistan, 1979).

Today English plays a vital role in communication of the global village just like the backbone in human body. All the developed countries in the world have achieved the standard learning of English language. But the main problem is with the developing countries. Especially with Muslim countries where the progress of learning English language has been suffered by the religious extremism. As we see today in Pakistan and especially in tribal areas. Another problem in this connection is the poverty of this region because most of the people belong to poor families and they cannot afford to get education in private sector. On the other hand in government institutions most of the English teachers are untrained which has greatly affected the learning of English as a language.

Especially at primary level the learning of English is very worst because the teacher has to teach all the subjects to all the students of one class the whole year. As well as in rural areas of the Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa majority of the teacher are teaching at one time to more than one class and this process continues the whole year. At primary level there is no stress on the homework from the teacher side. Due to which after school time most of the students are involved in child labor or wandering here and there wasting their precious time...
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