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Their eyes are on you. Waiting, watchful, they follow your every move. You begin to sweat as you realize that everything you say and do will affect the outcome of the rest of the year. You are about to begin on the most important adventure yet: you are about to begin a year’s worth of lessons. Are you ready? Do you have the “map” you’ll need to get this adventure started? Will you make it to the “X” on the map. Possibly one of the most important “tools” for a teacher is their teaching method. There are many teaching method that teacher can apply in their classrooms for the students. Some have had their heyday and had fallen into relative obscurity, others widely used now; still others have a small following, but contribute insights that may be absorbed into the generally accepted mix.In addition, with the existence of internet, Education has transformed into a vast scope of interest. Stakeholders as well as educators adapting and modifying the language learning theories in purpose of capturing the students interest and monitoring the students performance in learning language as much as possible. However the foundation of learning theories and teaching language methodology still stand strong. It has been the foundation and reference for the teacher whenever they are in doubt. 1.0.Review on Teaching Methods

The traditional or innovative methods of teaching are critically examined, evaluated and some modifications in the delivery of knowledge is suggested. As such, the strengths and weaknesses of each teaching methodology are identified and probable modifications that can be included in traditional methods are suggested. So far the teaching method are listed below; 1.1 The direct method

1.2 The audio-lingual method
1.3 Coomunicative language teaching
1.4 Language Immersion
1.5 The grammar-translation method
1.6 Natural Approach
1.7 The Silent Way
1.8 Suggestipedia
1.9 Task-based language learning
1.10 The Lexical Syllabus
1.11 The Structural Approach
1.12 The Total Physical Response
2.0 The Choosen Teaching Method – Total Physical Response (TPR)
I have choosen Total Physical Response (TPR) as the method that I used in my teaching process. Truthly, I already used this method in my teaching and I find is suitable to my students.Have you ever seen students who can't respond to English when it is spoken at normal speed? TPR trains students to respond quickly and naturally while also teaching vocabulary in a fun, lively lesson. Most often, TPR is used with basic commands. The teacher tells the students to stand up, put their hands in the air, pick up something and give it to another student, sit down, etc. The teacher should say these naturally to see how students respond. By modelling the action and repeating as many times as necessary, the students learn the meaning of the commands.

Total Physical Response (TPR) developed by James Asher (1982) Learning another language through actions: The complete teachers’ guidebook.The method was designed primarily for students in the early stages of language acquisition. Since commands can be made comprehensible to students with very limited language, Asher used commands as the basis for TPR. The teacher or a more proficient student gives a command, demonstrates the command, and then students respond physically to the command. Because students are actively involved and not expected to repeat the command, anxiety is low, and student focus is on comprehension rather than production. Hence, they demonstrate comprehension before their speaking skills emerge.

TPR is based on...
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