Module 8 - My Personal Management Plan

Topics: Narrative, Total physical response, Storytelling Pages: 4 (961 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Module 5 – Beginning SEI Strategies1

Module 5 – Beginning SEI Strategies
Sandra A. Roland
Grand Canyon University
ESL – 523N SEI English Language Teaching:
Foundations & Methodologies
Ms. Kristin Basinger
April 11, 2012

Module 5 – Beginning SEI Strategies2

Vocabulary Development Approaches| Analysis (Describe the approach, determine how to use the approach lessons.)| Application (After analyzing, offer specific ways to apply the approaches in lessons.)| Advantages | Extension Strategies| TPR| Total Physical Response or TPR is an approach that is systematically used for giving commands followed by physical responses by the students.| Listening and responding activities for beginner students are used by some ESL programs everyday. Helen Curtain & Carol Pesola (1994)recommends these following sequences:1. This involves using the entire body, upon command and also utilizing large motorskills:• Point to your ear• Putting your right hand on your head andturn around two times., etc.| The activities help prepare students to understand the behavior required and the instructions they will hear in the mainstream classrooms, in the halls, on fire drills, on trips, and/or at assembly programs. | When giving acommand for the first time, Curtain & Pesola suggested, the teacher demonstrate the desired behavior, directing the removal of the model after giving directions of the same command. When students respond confidentially to a single command, a combination of commands begins with the teacher in original and unique ways to leading thestudents into discovering and responding tolanguage expressions they have never heard before.| Storytelling| Wajnryb (1986) identifies the following reasons for telling stories inthe English as a second language learners:1. The purpose of telling a story is genuinelycommunicative.2. Storytelling is linguistically honest. (It is orallanguage, meant to be heard.)3. Storytelling is real!...
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