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Philosophy of Teaching and Learning Statement: Example from Science

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The following is the statement of my teaching philosophy that helped me acquire my position as an Assistant Professor. Use it as a guide to start thinking about your teaching philosophy. We will revisit this topic again, so start thinking now! Introduction

I am currently an instructor of Alabama GED students who utilize the on-line GED program. It is my responsibility to teach these students in the areas of reading comprehension, language arts and essay writing, science, history, and math, as well as to make certain the students' computers are compatible with the on-line program. I have been a teaching assistant at two very large research universities, the University of Maryland and the University of Illinois. At each university I completed courses on teaching and learning. I was a professor at a small, historically black university in Oklahoma after I received my doctorate. I grew up in Wisconsin, part of that time on a dairy farm, and I was very involved in 4-H and tutoring while I was in high school. My Philosophy Of Teaching And Learning

In regard to how I teach, I want students to discover facts, not just learn them by rote. Science is a wonderful field for such a teaching strategy. Although the students will need some background information, if I am successful at teaching them how to discover information, they will have a more effective way of absorbing the background data and looking at new information when it is presented. I believe that students can be excited about learning and that learning across disciplines is often a key component to getting more students interested in the subject matter. I like to bring in examples of how the information that they are learning, like balancing a dairy...
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