Teaching in Nursing

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Clinical teaching is a form of teaching and learning with its focus of involving patients and their problems (Spencer, 2003). According to Lim, (2011), it can be conducted in small group or one-to-one basis and is not only specific to nursing but is also used in other health sciences. The methods used in clinical teaching varies but the elements remains the same in that students experienced learning through providing care to patients under the supervision of experienced clinical tutors. This method ensures provision of safe care to patients. The main purpose of clinical teaching is to improve the aspect of patient care (Butterworth, Proctor & Cutcliffe, 2001). Clinical teaching practices can influence the quality of learning experiences for nursing students; also can enhance health teaching for patients, their families and colleagues. It may be used in bedside teaching using patients who have been specifically selected for teaching. It is a powerful force in determining patterns of providing care in forming attitudes and perceptions and in setting goals for outcome of care. Teaching in services setting can covers any type of teaching that accompanies clinical work. It can suggest how the clinical nurses can make optimum use of the settings to teach students effectively. Clinical teaching in clinical area is most effective for student of nursing or students of medical because in clinical area such as hospitals they can face the real situation about what they want to learn. The value of clinical teaching practice cannot be questioned, assisting students to develop personally and professionally as well as in developing vital clinical nursing skills {Fawcett and McQueen, 1994.}. A common pattern in clinical teaching is to start with the students as observers, with the clinician demonstrating and explaining a procedure. In all areas of learning if students are given a series of procedures to follow without understanding the reasons for them, they are...
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