Vark Analysis

Topics: Learning styles, Kinesthetic learning, Education Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: March 2, 2013
VARK Analysis Paper
Nurses in the medical field have the additional title of being educators. This title is not as apparent to the public who see Nurse’s duties from the distance. Nurses are responsible for patient care, and educating the patients so they may live to their optimal health. The way valuable health information is presented to patients should always be taken into consideration to make sure the information is delivered to them the best way possible for them to understand. This is why having the knowledge of the individual learning styles as a nurse can be really beneficial when it is time to instruct the patients on matters of their health. When the nurse knows exactly how each patient learns best it optimizes the chances of their learning experience, and thus improving their overall health. After completing “The VARK Questionnaire: How DO I Learn Best?” my results came as to no surprise. Receiving the Multimodal as a preferred learning style really summed up my study habits over the years. The Multimodal learning style encompasses all four learning styles for learners. They are as follows: Visual approach, aural approach, Read-Write approach, and Kinesthetic approach to learning. The results states that learning for me is best achieved through all four, and none more dominant then the other. At times my learning could more successful if all four aspect of my learning style is incorporated in my learning. Visual

The Visual preferred learning style is a unique learning style that rarely uses words to provide information to the learner. Visual learners are highly successful in learning material when it is presented to them in pictures, graphs, flow charts, slides, posters, labeled diagrams, maps, and other various forms to stress important details such as underlining, using different colors, along with highlighters. According to my VARK Questionnaire Result this was an 11 on my point sheet, one of my higher results. Aural

The Aural preferred...
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