Teacher vs Waiter

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Teacher versus Waiter
Today, teacher and waiter are needed jobs in this world. They all have the same purpose is to serve the society. However, the teacher’s working environment, the status they get, the benefits and the education they have are always better than waiters.

Teacher’s working environment is professional. They work in an education system. Each teacher has his or her own job or subject to do. They are mainly work in high school, college or university. Teachers might work with hundreds of students a day, and their job is very busy and responsible. They have to be all time. In the case the teachers would absent, they will announce their students the day before or have sub-teachers to replace them. By the way, teachers need to have responsibly to their teaching. They always make sure that their teaching process is on right track and on the right time so their students can understand their subjects in a best way. The waiters, in the other hand, they usually work in restaurants. Their jobs everyday are to serve customers, take orders, bring foods, clean the tables and take the payment. Working in the restaurant environment can be very stressful. Especially in the weekend, a waiter may serve forty customers at a time. Even though the more customers they serve the more money they get, but that is very stress out. Whenever the waiters want to take a day off, they need to tell their manager one or two week before; and if the a absented without permission, he or she will get fire automatically. It’s also a tough work if they have a nagging boss, complaining customer and competitive co-worker.

Teachers got a status in society today. People respect teachers because of their sacrifices. A lot of teachers could make more money by doing something else. But, they chose to be a teacher because they love to teach; they love to pass down their knowledge that they had learned the rest of their life to their students. They know that education is the only key to...
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