Life as a Waiter

Topics: Lunch, Love, Dinner Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Life as a waiter
What does it mean by calling a person a waiter? It’s a name been called for the servant that’s his job made to serve others and take their orders. Life as a waiter has multiple advantages. Not that it is all pleasure and no hard times or bad days. Its greatest advantage is the crowd of people one meets. Waiters can see many people pass them every day in their job life. As a waiter does not meet them at a social level, there is no question of being involved. Nobody seems to mind the waiter. People sit and talk over cups of coffee and plates of sandwiches, over hamburgers and lunches and dinners and they pay little heed to the shadow figure hovering around their table, catering to their requirements and bringing things to and from. The waiter will do his best to get the maximum tip from the customers. They might like the service or sometimes they might not and leaving the waiter with a small change or sometimes they leave the waiter with nothing. The costumers discuss business deals and family affairs; they discuss problems, delinquent children as well as courtships and marriages. A waiter can, if he so desires, become a very knowledgeable person simply by listening to these conversations. He also learns about the happenings in town and may become the best informed person regarding the scandals, next perhaps only to the barber. I worked as a waiter last summer. I took this job up as a temporary measure when I had just finished school and was on the lookout for an opening. I worked for four months, everyday, and from 7PM until 3AM in the morning. By the end of my shift I would be dead tired, but that wasn’t a barrier to stop me from having a social life with my friends. Even though it was so late, but all the waiters will hang out with their friends especially with the other waiters and to get all together. The next day a fresh day and waiters can’t afford to begin their day lazily for it stretches into the night. Yet waiters are seen as being...
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