Teacher Interview: Reading Comprehension

Topics: Education, Teacher, Lesson plan Pages: 2 (252 words) Published: May 9, 2013

Name/Description of Interviewee: Robin. Elementary Teacher

Date of Interview: May 30, 2012

Length of Interview: 15 Minutes

Location of Interview: Classroom

Possible Interview Questions:


1.1.Could you tell me about why you chose to teach this particular lesson, and why you took the approach that you did?

Response: The lesson utilizes five reading comprehension strategies and encourages students to develop good reading habits.

1.2.What are some of the specific comprehension strategies that you used in this lesson, and why did you choose them?

Response: Cause and effect, personal evaluation, and using context clues: each of these strategies encourage readers to think beyond the words.

1.3.How do you monitor your students’ comprehension, both formally and informally?

Response: I give the students a worksheet to fill out while reading the book which incorporates each of the five strategies.

1.4.What types of formal and informal monitoring or assessment techniques do you use?

Response: During my lessons, I ask questions to students to determine their level of understanding. I use worksheets to further analyze their understanding. I give quizzes in the classroom during and after different units to test their knowledge.

1.5. _____(question to be generated by student) Have you seen your students benefit from this specific lesson in the past?

Response: The teacher felt that if you can internalize within the students the different learning strategies, their comprehension will improve. This lesson simply teaches the learning strategies needed to develop reading comprehension.
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