Teacher Interview

Topics: Education, Teacher, Early childhood education Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: September 5, 2012
I had the opportunity to interview, Mrs. Bernice Sapp about her life as a teacher. Mrs. Sapp has been teaching for forty years, and she stated that she loves her job, more and more, each day. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Paine College. She has taught in the Burke county school system, and she currently teaches at CSRA Head Start program. She is the head pre-k teacher.

Mrs. Sapp motivation for teaching came from her having a big family. With bring the oldest of twelve siblings, she was around children all day and decided to try teaching, to see if she would like it, and she did like, in fact she loved it. Teaching became her life from then on.

I asked her what surprised her about teaching. She identified that nothing surprised her, because of new trends each and every year, and life moves forward not backwards. She also expressed that was one of the best parts of teaching along with seeing young people grow and how they grow, and the things they learn in life.

She faced many challenges as a teacher. She specified her biggest challenged was her first year as a teacher, because she was coming into the unknown. She stated that, she had to learn, through teaching, what early childhood development was. Of course she no longer faces that challenge. Mrs. Sapp believes now that if it can be teach, she can teach it.

Mrs. Sapp indicated that the most important function as a teacher would be to nurture and provide her children with all the previsions that it takes to learn. She also explained that when one takes care of the most important things in teaching that one will begin to see all the rewards that teaching brings. Her greatest rewards would be the enjoyment to see young people grow, and to see them succeed in their early years.

Mrs. Sapp strategies to maximize instructional time were to plan according to ages and stages of development. She always had all her materials together for various activities that she had for her...
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