Teacher and Parent

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Topic:Some people think that teachers at school are more responsible for children’s intellectual and social development than parent. To what extent do you agree or disagree? What is your personal opinion? 

Most children have two main educators in their lives- their parents and teachers, both of them play crucial roles in their growth. However, it is controversial on whether teachers have more responsibilities to this than parents. My personal view is that the obligation of educating children should be definitely taken by schooling with teachers instead of parents. 

Undoubtedly, educators at school have more time to stay with children than parents, which means that they have more opportunities to understand what students think about and what they want to pursue. In many countries, children are required to stay at school for five days out of a week, in which teachers can impart theoretical knowledge and practical skills to students to help them improve their intelligence. Meanwhile, children can enhance their social skills by learning how the teaching staff solve conflicts between students. By contrast, parents are at a disadvantage in terms of time and energy because most of them are doing a full-time job to earn a living and raise their children. Since the main aim of educators is to foster the next generation, teachers should hold more responsible for children’s cultivation. 

Another reason is that teaching staff are more professional in terms of promoting children’s intelligence and interpersonal skills that parents. Before becoming an eligible teacher, one need to experience arduous and long training so that he or she is more easy to understand children’s psychological activities and needs. Such an experience enable them more suitable and competent to teach children effectively and productively. Compared to these professionals, many parents even do not know how to train their ‘apples’ and what they do usually is to buy them study items they need and to allow them do as they please. 

To conclude, although children’s intellectual and social development should depend more on teacher, parents who act as the first teachers are also in duty bound. 

All children should study a foreign language in school, starting in the earliest grades. To what extent do you agree or dis agree with this statement?  Children are taught with native language in early age. In other words, they study in native language when they are in primary level of study. Foreign language or international language is indispensable for everyone. In this matter of fact, children should study foreign language in earliest grades. 

Foreign language, especially English language is prominent language in the world. Because of globalization, human resource ought to be transferred to foreign countries as labour, technician, experts and so on. Multinational companies hair only the people who have good language skills. Additionally, in this globalized world, diplomatic relation is crucial. That is why, bureaucracy of every sovereign countries require proficient government employees. For this reason, people who compete for public service commission must be efficient in language skill. 

Language skill plays vital role in a persons career. Language skill titivates a person and he looks a good personality. Language skills confer one a higher strata in society. Who posses language skill get good position in work place. As a result of which, his earning will be high. As mention earlier, globalization has brought opportunity for people who are proficient. Not only employer seeks them within country but also foreign companies offer them good job. Most importantly, students seek the field of study which has good scope in job market. Good educational institutions are in western countries and they require good proficiency in English language. That is why, it is better possessing foreign language skill. 

In conclusion, studying foreign language is necessary to...
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