Teaching Assistant Level 2 Supportive the Pupil Essay

Topics: Hygiene, Emotion, Education Pages: 29 (11559 words) Published: April 18, 2012

The social and emotional development of children from 5 to sixteen plays a crucial part in in the impact and quality of the child’s lives these influence the development of the child in various ways which is why it is important for a Teaching Assistant to recognise these factors so they can help the child continue learning and use the skills already instilled in them. By treating each child as their own person you learn that they are all different and develop at their own pace but in order to do this you must see the child developing and to show support to both the teacher and child you are able to better the child’s learning experiences and embrace their own developmental skills. I am aware of the main 5 social and emotional areas of learning so I could apply them being: self-awareness, managing feelings, empathy, social and motivation skills. These 5 skills I would talk to the children about and help them identify their skills and feelings and increase their awareness of their feelings by positive teaching behaviour through praise and support. Here are my understanding of children’s developments from 5 to sixteen and the importance of thinking of all the options to make the best out of a child’s personal learning skills: Age 5- 6 years:

During this development age children are identifying their own traits of self-understanding and gaining confidence. With this they are able to make decisions and rationalise decisions by making choices and saying the choices they make. This develops to asking for help and see dangers they are able to making relationships with friends and share feelings from their own age groups in school to adults. Age 7 years:

At this age the child should be able to recognise who to go to for help, understand and tell what dangerous places are, recognise ways and healthy eating habits and know the implications of bad health i.e. eating too many sweets can make our teeth fall out. The child would also say what they’re feeling and are able to tell you i.e. if they are sad they would explain they are sad and why: associate their feeling to situations. Age 8 years:

During this time the child will know their own abilities and skills, know their own ways of keeping safe and showing how they can be safe including demonstrating their emotions and feelings so they understand the logic of a dangerous situation. During this age year children should be able to develop strong listening skills and emotions through this strength they are able to show appreciation and find ways to calm others including oneself through their talents and skills this then shows they are accepting others feelings and aware that ones have feelings so if one was to be angry they would know what emotion it is and how to deal with them appropriately. One of the enjoyable parts during this age is children are able to plan to make friends and how they can make friends this shows there confidence in their own personal skills. Age 9 years:

At this age children’s development of the child would be understanding the difference in others and finding ways to communicate in different ways to others would understand you this would include the child using their adaption methods and learning to negotiate and respect others even if they have strong feelings they would be able to recognise others have strong feelings to and mood can change but they would find ways learning to accept others. During this year 9 year olds are also enhancing their healthy eating habits which are so refreshing to see they are developing further with what they learnt at the age of 7. Age 10 years:

As the child develops their ways of handling and dealing with situations and understanding oneself behaviour and emotions they would be enacting that as they grow old they would deal with things differently so it is understandable to say when a child reaches 10 years yet would use their communications skills more and know what communications...
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