Teacher'R Role in Classroom Management

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Ignatius Lundy 20112135

Why is teacher‟s role in classroom management important? Teacher‟s role in classroom management is important due to the fact that teacher‟s performance affects student‟s achievement and behaviour. It is a fact that effective teachers can alter the result of their student‟s achievement by 30%, Hattie states „Teachers – who account for about 30% of the variance. It is what the teachers know, do, and care about which is very powerful in this learning equation.‟ Teachers Make a Difference, John Hattie (2003). Therefore the teachers role in classroom management is a major factor which determines student‟s success in the classroom.

In my opinion teachers have a major role to play in the classroom because students spend a huge amount of hours in a classroom and in this place is where they will learn their manners, habit and behaviour that will influence their future decisions and attitude. Some if not all students have said once in their life that „School Sucks‟ this statement is a result of bad experience in class or school wether it is the teachers or the social aspect of the school. Frank Musgrove states ‘the immediate case against compulsory school for adolescents is quite simply their barbarity: it is a triangle of hatred, humiliation and contempt.’ Society and the Teacher’s Role by Frank Musgrove. Thus this statement shows clearly to us that school can sometimes be a dreadful place, but teachers who are able to make a positive learning environment is one that will have an effect on their students‟ behaviour, achievement and attitude.

Ignatius Lundy 20112135

Teacher role in classroom management is a study that is always developing and expanding, the amount of research that goes into teaching is quiet tremendous around the world. Different technique and style have been utilized to improve the student‟s capability to learn and manage behaviour. The lessons that the students learned in classrooms are rippled through to social aspect of their lives such as family and friends (Kathryn R. Wentzel, Social Relationship and Motivation in Middle School) The lessons that the student learn are both in and outside context such as motivation, affirmation and positive attitude, which effects their social life and vice versa. Thus making it vital for teachers to understand and be actively involved in the student‟s life not just in the classroom.

The theory above shows that the classroom can affect the student but it is also the factors outside the classroom that can affect the student as much as the teacher. Thus it raises more questions such as how do teachers contribute to the social aspect of a student? Michael Collins answer this question perfectly in his article ‘Adult Education as Vocation: A Critical Role for the Adult Educator’ in this article it explains how teachers role does not stop just because the „bell‟ at the end of each lesson, but it expand on how teachers is able to not just be a teacher but a friend that the student can talk to.

Ignatius Lundy 20112135

A bigger issue in Australia is the challenge to teach in a classroom with different background students. The culture and tradition varies with students thus making teaching more challenging. Some values and tradition forge the teachers to customise their lesson to cater for the students.

In the book Coping with Chaos by Brian Cambourne and Jan Turbill, the idea of being in control in classroom environment can affects young learner’s achievement especially those who comes from a different non local background. This book describes how young children from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds have coped with the conditions surrounding them in classrooms. The teacher becomes a fuel for the class

atmosphere. Due to the multiculturalism in Australia, teachers need to constantly set the atmosphere for all students to be considerate for each other and to manage chaos inside and outside of classroom.

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