Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related

Topics: Education, Teacher, Behavior Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related
Discipline, management, behavior, and misbehavior are concerns that every educator will encounter once the educator require his or her first classroom. As these terms are relatively interrelated, describing them separately in a word picture will be challenging. Envision a math classroom, two weeks after the school year begun. Within this time, the classroom rules, and expectations of students are well established; every student has received an agenda as well as a syllabus, detailing daily take home and in-class assignments that need to be completed for the semester. Students know that he or she is supposed to come into the class and get him or her notebooks, which were turned in from the previous day, and continue their next assignment when entering into the classroom. This process is part of the classroom management; students know the task at hand when he or she enters the classroom. The students who begin to do their assignment as expected are illustrating good behavior. Those students who tend to talk among themselves and entertain each other without doing him or her assignment tends to demonstrate misbehave. As a result, based on the rules of the classroom and expectation of the student, which was introduced on the first day of class, disciplinary action should be taken against those students who exhibited this type of misbehavior. Although these four terms are extraneous by far, they are related, and do share similarities and differences. Classroom discipline and management are two different concepts. Classroom discipline pertains to teacher’s management of student’s behavior, whereas classroom management involves the operation and procedures to make the classroom function efficiently. Behavior management is a set of collaborations employed to assist teachers to encourage the students’ conduct and teach him or her to behave positive. Oliver, Wehby, Reschly, and Society for Research on Educational...
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