Taylor Swift- You Belong with Me

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I have chosen to analyse the music clip You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. I will be discussing the influence of music video clips on youth and how the influence helps to construct a sense of social identity. In the past decade, film clips have had a major effect on youth culture. Many film clips from artists such as Lady GaGa, Rhianna, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce can portray a very negative effect on youth. The film clips are made to look “sexy” and can make young women look as if they are “sex toys”. Young women, such as teenagers, view these film clips and are determined to follow in the artist footsteps. The young American country singer Taylor Swift, has a different outlook on life. Her video clips relate to real life situations and are at a level where teenagers can relate. The situations throughout her songs are issues that face youth culture to this day. Taylor Swift’s song called, “You belong with me” is an extremely touching song that most teenagers can easily relate to. The song is about two neighbours, one being a boy and the other a girl. The boy is depicted to be popular as he is good looking and is in the school football team. Taylor Swift plays two parts in the film clip, one, a girl who is betrayed as geeky and unpopular and two, a girl who is represented as mean and popular. Secretly the unpopular girl has liked this boy for a period of time even though he has a girlfriend (the popular girl). The girlfriend does not treat him properly and she does not respect him for who he really is. The two neighbours are good friends and she tries to tell him that he deserves better. Finally, after the homecoming football game the boy’s girlfriend breaks up with him leaving him dateless for the dance. He arrives home and sees his neighbour in her bedroom and kindly asks if she is going to the prom. She replies saying “no”. While he is at the prom by himself the female character walks to the ball room looking very different to her usual appearance. He is...
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