Tax Debate

Topics: Seattle, Hedge fund, Taxpayer Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Article Rebuttal
By: Nathan

According to The Seattle Times Editorial (2012) website a new Seattle Arena will cost too much tax payer dollars and could affect mobility in the city. It should be understood that the arena proposal uses no current taxes to support neither the construction nor the daily operational expenses of the arena. The tax dollars generated by the arena itself will be put toward paying the balance of the 290 million dollars in bonds. Therefore the arena will require no new taxes; no sales taxes, arena taxes or property taxes will increase. The fallacy lies within the slanderous accusations of Chris Hanson being a crook because he is a hedge fund manager. This editorial is taking a biased superficial position by categorizing his occupation, when in fact his occupation is to mitigate risk and analyze investments. The editorial calls Chris a “San Francisco Hedge Fund Manager” when in fact Chris is a Seattle Native. This Article is using his current occupational geography to create disconnect with the tax payers and Seattle’s King County Council, whom can impact this arena approval process. The Editorial is inaccurate and lacking facts and details regarding the proposal. There is an obvious underlying issue with the arena that has yet to surface either personally with the author(s) of this piece or The Seattle Times organization. This type of media is off-putting and reckless.

Seattle Times Editorial (2012), has even taken out of context a quote by Chairman Dan O’Neal writing, "Adding an additional venue in the Sodo area, in our judgment, could seriously jeopardize freight mobility, pedestrian safety and overall vehicular access given it is already a very congested and challenging area for transportation movement," wrote Dan O'Neal, chairman of the Washington State Transportation Commission, in a letter to Mayor Mike McGinn.” The quote goes onto say that a traffic study would need to be complete in order to understand the...
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