Adopt a Columnist

Topics: Miami, High school, The Miami Herald Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: February 3, 2012
Columnist’s Focus:

Carl Hiaasen's primary focus is political and social. His writing most frequently deals with social and political issues prevalent in our society. His column entitled “Why Some Lawmakers are in Panic” the opposition to fire arm restrictions in the United States. Restrictions on fire arms is a common topic in political debates. His article on taxpayers dollars being a substantial part of the money allotted to the construction of the new Miami Marlins stadium is a political, economic and social concern. He argue this is an unfair way to use citizens money.

Rhetorical Appeals:

Hiaasen appeals mainly to ethos and logos. He uses logic, and the principals of ethnics to reach conclusions and make points in his writing. In his article “Taxpayers harpooned on stadium” he appeals to logos with the statement. “That's important, because loyal attendance is no certainty. The super-modern new ballpark should be packed when it first opens, but the notorious fickleness of South Florida sports fans will hover over the festivities-and the finances.” Hiaasen appeals to with his statement on Libya after the fall of Gaddafi “These were not acts of the heart, or even remorse. They were part of a deal to resurrect Libya's standing in the international community by having the United Nations lift trade sanctions.”

Rhetorical Strategies:

Why some lawmakers are in panic:

Humorous Metaphor-
“If some guys got a .357 sticking out of his speedo, little kids should have enough common sense not to mess with his sand castle. Right?” Hyperbole-
“Also, we wish to formally inquire about the availability of body armor. Does it have pockets?”

GOP Laff-fest:

“However, the mud pit is where the fun happens.”
“When Florida's Republican 2012 presidential primary was moved up to Jan. 31, the reaction was mixed.”


Hiaasen's tone is very humorous and satirical. In his article on the legality of fire arms he writes satirically about...
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