Tax and Payroll

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Asia Technological School of Science and Arts (ASIATECH) are in the education business since 2010. It started opening vocational or two year program in the field of information technology and hospitality management. To date, ASIATECH is now offering programs in the tertiary education with eight baccalaureate programs.

With the increase of students enrolling in the institution, it is also a requirement that they increase the number of their faculty and staff. In the same manner, with its increase of its employees, it is also become a part in the accounting department to have additional time and effort in computing employees compensation every 15th and 30th of the month.

With the current set-up of computing employee’s salary, it is where the proponents wanted to create a system that will help the accounting department especially the payroll personnel in making employees salary quick, fast, and accurate.

In view of this, the proponent makes a proposal of an Employee’s Payroll System that will help the administration ease their work and at the same time lessen their burden of the tedious manual computation of employee’s salary.



Figure 1: Research Paradigm (IPO of the proposed System)

Phase 1 of the research paradigm is the input where the information from books, internet is kept, and the used of the MS Access as data base together with visual basic 6.0 as the engine. The process will be the creation of the proposed employee’s payroll system or the creation of the program and the output shall be the automated payroll system for the mployees of ASIATECH college – Sta. Rosa


General Probem:

This study shall be conducted on how to develop a system entitled “ automated payroll system” which will cater the school and employees in the computation of their salary and wages.

Specific Problem:

1. How to develop a module that will record the computation of the employee’s salary?

2. How to help the payroll in-charge to lessen it work in computing employees salary?

3. How to create a system that will generate an accurate report of employee’s compensation?

4. How to create a system that is reliable with its report?

5. How to create a system that will be a user friendly?

6. How to create a system that will be used easily to lessen the time of preparing the salary of the employee?


General Objective:

To develop a system entitled “ Automated Payroll System for the employees of ASIATECH College.

Specific Objectives:

Specifically, the proposed system seeks:

1. To develop a module that will record the time-in/time-out of the employees.

2. To develop a system that will compute the salary of the teachers and staff.

3. To develop a system that generate a salary report of the employee, faculty and staff.

4. To develop a system that will enable the payroll in-charge to lessen it work.

5. To develop a payroll system that is user friendly.

6. To develop a system that will generate a reliable report with regards to employees salary.


The study wants to institute the usefulness of the proposed payroll system as an enhancement of the existing manual payroll system.

Accounting - It provides a big help especially to the accounting department specifically to the payroll personnel that needs to compute employee’s salary fast, reliable and accurate.

Employee – the system will provide an employee an accurate and reliable report.

School - the system will help the institution in organizing its data in terms of the payroll of the employee.

Researchers – the study will provide intellectual abilities and capabilities in analyzing,...
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