Tattoo You Feature Article Essay

Topics: Tattoo, Featured articles, Expert Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Tattoo You

The feature article ‘Tattoo You’ by Daniel Hatch focuses on the devolution of tattoos. In the past, people inked their bodies because it had a meaning to them. However, people today get tattoos because tattooing has become a fashion. Just like any piece of clothing that come in and out of trend, once tattoos are out of fashion, people will simply get them removed. Fashion is an important issue today that mainly influences young people into following someone else’s taste. Hatch uses persuasive language to persuade his target audience to agreeing with his point of view. Hatch presents his feature article through the use of expert witnesses and evidence, so that readers agree with his argument about our ‘throwaway society’. A text I have previously studied, ‘Real life imitates art as beauty turns to beast’, by Anthony Abeson, presents similar social issues of the importance of looks over talents, and the fact that we have become a disposable society. The consumption of tattoos has become a mass consumer phenomenon. As tattoos have gained in popularity, it can be expected that the reasons for why people get tattoos have shifted as well. Fashion is the main reason. Tattoos used to mean something to man. Today, people are not necessarily getting a tattoo in order to express affiliation with a certain life style or a specific subculture. Tattoos have a long history, they had a meaning and were made to stand out, now it’s become trendy, tattoos are a fad, that now they are just plain and un-cool that they can be removed. Having a tattoo has lost its original meaning; it has no meaning, but simple means that you have a tattoo. Hatch writes, “Tattooing has exploded in popularity. It is no longer solely the province of bikies and sailors.” Hatch expresses his point of view to the readers by using persuasive language so that they agree to his stance. He powerfully uses informal language such as using the phrases “Cool is dead” and “Lame”, to appeal...
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