Analysis of a “Tattooing the Twenty-First Century”

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Analysis of a “Tattooing the Twenty-First Century”

I opted to analyze the essay titled “Tattooing the Twenty-First Century” by a former 121 writing student. Tattoos in our current time isn’t as taboo as in once were. Tattoos are one of the many ways people throughout the world opt to individualism, with creative, meaningful and heartwarming self expression. In “Tattooing the Twenty- First Century”, the author did a very stellar job highlighting the reasons tattoos are more popular and, how the perception of them has greatly changed. The history of tattooing was also highlighted in the essay, which informed me how long tattooing actually been in existence. Overall “Tattooing the Twenty-First Century” was writing with great clarity, despite the minor spelling and grammar mistakes.

During the commencement of the essay the author’s objective seems to be to apprise the reader of the history of tattoos. I believe the author does a very good job of informing the reading audience of how our society deem tattooing as a misfit’s act. The essay also includes very insightful information regarding how people stereotype tattoos as a sign of a person with an unstable background. The information presented raises a few great questions, “Why, with these preconceived stereotypes do people still choose ink when it may contradict who they are as a person, what they may represent and why they have chosen to tattoo their body?” The essay also has a very interesting statistic. In America 40 million more people has at least one or more tattoos then in 1936. The information in this essay gives great insight about tattoos and the increase in popularity. The author did very good research, which helps inform the reader with valuable knowledge about the history of tattooing, the stigma behind it and the growing increase of popularity. I really like the author’s explanation of tattoo popularity in today’s society. It’s definitely a fact the majority of entertainers, models, and...
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