Tata Steel Operation Strategy

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School of Management The University of Michigan-Dearborn 4901 Evergreen Road Dearborn, Michigan 48128-1491

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The range of books reviewed is wide, covering theory and applications in operations research, statistics, econometrics, mathematics, computers, and information systems (no software is reviewed). In addition, we include books in other Helds that emphasize technical applications. Publishers who wish to have their books and proceedings reviewed should send them to Professor Benjamin Lev, School of Management, The University of Michigan-Dearborn, 4901 Evergreen Road, Dearborn, Michigan 48128-1491, BLev@FOB-Fl.UMD.UMICH.EDU. We list the books and proceedings received; not all books received can be reviewed because space and time are limited. Those who would like to review books are urged to send me their names, addresses, and specific areas of expertise. We commission all reviews and do not accept unsolicited book reviews. Readers are encouraged to suggest books that might be reviewed or to ask publishers to send me copies of such books. 1994 Franz Edelman Competition Videotapes SiNHA, GOPAL P.; MnTER, N.; SINGH, S. B.; DUTTA, G.; ROY, P. N.; CHANDRASEKARAN, B. S.; and CHOUDHURY, A. R. 1995, Strategic and Operational Management with Optimization in Tata Steel, No. 94.01,1" VHS: $150,1" U-Matic: $185. CosARES, STEVEN; DEUTSCH, D . ; SANIEE, I.; and W A S E M , O . 1995, Copyright © 1996, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences 0092-2102/96/2604/0078$01.25

SONET Toolkit: A DSS for the Design of Robust and Cost-Effective Fiber-Optic

Networks, No. 94.02, " VHS: $150, I" U-Matic: $185. KuBY, MICHAEL; CHUNTAI, Z.; COOK, P.; DADI, Z.; FRIEZ, T.; NEUMAN, S.; QINGQI, S.; SHENHUAI, G.; WATANATADA, T.; WEI, C ; XUFEI, S.; ZHIJUN, X.; XiAODONG, Y.; PATANG, L.;


INTERFACES 26: 4 July-August 1996 (pp. 78-90)

vestment Planning for China's Coal and Electricity Delivery System, No. 94.03, " VHS: $150,1" U-Matic: $185. ARNTZEN, B. C ; BROWN, G E R A L D G . ; H A R R I S O N , T . P.;

a n d T R A F T O N , L . L . 1995, Clobal
Supply Chain Management at Digital Equipment Corporation, No. 94.04, "

VHS: $150,1" U-Matic: $185. YosHiNO, T.; SASAKI, T.; and H A S E G A S A , T O S H I H A R U 1995, Traffic Control System on the Hanshin Expressway, No. 94.05, " VHS: $150, |" U-Matic: $185.

F. 1995, An Analytical Approach to Reshaping the Army, No. 94.06, " VHS: $150,1" U-Matic: $185. I review the tapes of the presentations from the 1994 Edeiman competition primarily from the perspective of how they can contribute to the classroom. The articles based on those presentations were published in the January-February 1995 issue of Interfaces. Readers of the papers in the special issue devoted to the Edeiman Competition often ask why a project won the competition when the paper describing it was not their favorite in the issue. The reason is that the judges base their decisions on both the papers and the presentations. Because they are in a different format from the papers, the presentations convey different information and offer a different perspective on the material. Consequently, the tapes of the presentations, when combined with the articles, can provide an added

dimension to the learning experience. The tapes record the formal presentations to an audience; they are not studio presentations with multiple camera angles or elaborate production values. Typically the speakers structure their presentations as follows: they provide an overview of the company, describe the problem that led to the project, present the approach and implementation issues, and conclude with the benefits. The presenters are not professional speakers, but they are well prepared, and they are more believable because they lack the slickness of television personalities....
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