Tata Motors Branding

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Application Assignment
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* Identify the Brand you are working for. Does this Brand relate to an individual product/product line/service/ division or is it a corporate brand? Remember at times an individual product name may also be combined with the Corporate brand.| | * What is the Promise of the above mentioned Brand?| | * How do different departments in the organization ensure that the above promise is delivered? Identify the Brand Elements| |

1. The brand we are working for is the global TATA brand.
TATA Motors is a part of the TATA group and the use of the TATA name and trademark (logo) is governed by manuals, codes and agreements issued by TATA Sons.

The use of the TATA brand defined in and regulated by TATA Brand Equity and Business Promotion Agreement.

The TATA brand is a Corporate Brand.
The soul of the Tata corporate brand has been expressed down the ages through an exceptional set of qualities: consistency, single-mindedness, openness and credibility.

Factors added to these are: caring for the wider community and helping in the construction of national resources.

2. The TATA Marquee has been a symbol of Quality, Reliability and Real Value in India and other parts of the world. The TATA brand promise can be culminated in the tagline:
“Leadership with Trust”
* Nation building
* Serving the community and environment (Corporate Social Responsibility) * Strong values and business ethics
* Quality and Innovation
* Price
* Safety
The Tata Group has certainly been able to foster strong, favorable and unique brand associations and lending its brand name to its family brands would help build such associations for the family brands as well. That explains why most family brands include ‘Tata’ in their brand name. In the field of branding strategy, this is called Sub-branding. Sub-branding involves creating new brands with...
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