Topics: Tartuffe, Molière, Circle in the Square Theatre Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Orgon Discussion
In Tartuffe, Orgon is having his daughter marry a man that’s not who he seems to be. Although Orgon is easily fooled he becomes overly obsessed at how “perfect” Tartuffe is. This obsession continues to grow until it is finally mastered by Elmire.

In the first act we learn how unnatural the beginning of the relationship is when all Orgon could do is rave about Tartuffe. It was to the point that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Tartuffe in the eyes of Orgon. In act 1 scene 4 Orgon is having a conversation with Dorine about Elmire, about how sick she was and couldn’t sleep, but all Orgon kept asking was, ”Ah. And Tartuffe?” (1.4.18) Also, in a conversation with Cleante, Orgon can only talk the best about Tartuffe and how amazing and how wonderful he is. He explains it as how Tartuffe frees Orgons soul and how he would be just like them. “Ah, when you meet him you two will be just like brothers! Theres been no loftier soul since time began.” (1.5.12-13) Someone that frees your soul and makes you feel that if your family died you would not care just seems extremely odd and unnatural.

Orgons treatment of Mariane shows a sinister side of his obsession with Tartuffe. In act 2 scene 1 Orgon begins to soften his daughter up by saying “You’re a sweet girl who’s tractable and mild/ whom I hold dear and think most highly of” (2.1.6-7) He then wants to know her most honest opinion about Tartuffe. Mariane is caught off guard by this, politely asking what her father would basically want her to say.

…”Tartuffe he is the worthiest men,
And that your fond of him, and would rejoice
In being his wife, if that should be my choice.
Well?” (2.1.17-20)
Orgon answers for Mariane and then proceeds to tell her Tartuffe will be her husband and making it very clear.
His obsessive blindness leads to his disinheriting of Damis. In act 3 Tartuffe meets with Orgon’s wife Elmire but during their conversation, Tartuffe begins...
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