Talking Styles

Topics: Scores, Communication, Difference Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Talking Styles

Talking Styles
After reading the article titled “Shared Talking Styles Herald New and Lasting Romance”, I believe that langue and matching conversational styles can make a difference in a relationship and how long a couple will stay together. It stated in the article that langue styles does not match up how much a couple is alike or how much they like each other, but how well they are paying attention to one another. The more attention that someone is paying to another person can make a world of difference and especially in a relationship. If you or your partner are not paying attention to one another, how long will that relationship truly last. Also in the article it mentioned that mannerisms and tone can also affect the matching conversational styles. I believe that this is true as well because by certain words that your partner can say to you may not mean something to someone on the outside but it can mean something substantial to the person its being said to. I know that when my Fiancée says my first name, “Aaron” I know that I have done something wrong or that she isn’t happy with something that I have did or said. For someone on the outside, they would just think that she was trying to get my attention, but I know different. When doing the language style matching website, I used emails from me and my Fiancée from the past to see what our matching language style score would be. The results concluded that we were above average in our score. The score from our emails was 0.9 which stated that the higher that your score was, the more attention that you were paying to the person that you were having a conversation with. On the conclusion part of the LSM, it stated that average scores was 0.84 so with our emails being scored at 0.9, it was above average.

Talking Styles
Throughout the article it also stated that once a relationship goes sour, that the communication style would drop below average. I believe that the reason that this...
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