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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Case 3: Building A Coalition

Characteristics of Good Team Composition
1) Abilities of the team members
A) 5 types of skills
1) Technical expertise
2) Problem solving
3) Decision making skills
4) Interpersonal skills
5) Listening skills
2) Personality of Team Members
B) Extroversion – makes them more sociable, assertive, and outgoing C) Openness – creative, curious, and better communication D) Emotional stability – secure
E) Agreeableness – cooperative
F) Conscientiousness – dependable, organized, and backs-up others 3) Allocating Roles
G) Group diversity – teams have different needs and people need to be selected to ensure there is diversity to ensure rolls are filled. H) Managers need to understand each person’s strengths and what they can bring to the team. Select members with strengths in mind and allocate work accordingly. 4) Diversity of Members

I) Diversity is a good thing that brings different perspectives to a team. J) Increasing diversity will bring more power struggles and conflicts. Increased conflict makes membership less attractive. Members more likely to quit or not want to be part of the team. Losers of the conflicts more likely to leave voluntarily or be forced out.

Characteristics of Good Team Members
1) Work for total agreement on decision.
2) Share information openly and honestly with others regarding personal feeling, opinions, and perceptions about problems and work conditions. 3) Bring others into the decision making process.

4) Trusts, supports, and has genuine concern for other team members. 5) Takes responsibility for actions and doesn’t blame problems on others. 6) Listens to others and tries to see things from others point of view. 7) Involves others to encourage interest.

8) Encourages team members to develop their skills.
9) Respects others views...
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