Talent TV, the Reality

Topics: Simon Cowell, Bullying, Humiliation Pages: 3 (765 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Talent TV, the reality.

Talent TV; Your one big chance to humiliate yourself world wild in front of a live audience and a panel of overly critical judges, with the often slim chance of getting yourself somewhere in life other than ‘’You’ve been framed.’’ A chance for the Talent TV audience to express their schadenfreude based humour by ‘booing’ and taunting the not-so-talented.

So you’ve decided to enter the talent TV show “Britain’s got talent,” due to the misleading nod’s and smiles of encouragement from your not really listening mother. Only to go to the producers auditions where, instead of picking just the talented acts and saving mislead people like yourself from public humiliation, send you through leaving you with the impression that you are in fact talented. Then comes the somewhat tedious public audition process, where if you’re lucky Simon Cowell will compare you to some kind of tone-deaf animal and that will be the end of it, however the slightly more unpropitious will be booed off stage by the audience themselves. However you will still have to wait and hear how horribly you did from each of the judges in turn and unnecessarily officialise that is a definite no before finally leaving the stage, your dreams and your ability to go out without being noticed as ‘that rejected contestant’ behind.

In the society, day and age we live in everybody seems to have the impression that derivative ideas are the way to go. Therefore being the reason for the hundreds of talent TV shows now drowning our TV guides; Britain’s got talent, American idol, x-factor, The voice, Britain and Irelands next top model and America’s next top model, which are only the start of an endless list of mind-numbing programs now available. However the shows are not the only derivative idea in the whole Talent TV ordeal, the acts in which are performed seem to have lost originality as the years go on. Every act is more or less completely predictable, seen...
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