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BHM621 assignment: Management Research Report


Write a 7000-7500 word report (excluding Appendixes) on a business-related HR issue. (If you exceed the word limit by 10% you will normally be penalised by a deduction of 10% from the given mark).


The structure of the Management Research Report (MRR) follows the CIPD specifications. The following guidelines are appropriate to most reports, but you should vary this where appropriate:

• Preliminary pages: title page with brief details of author and date; acknowledgements; declaration that the research has been conducted ethically; contents page, with page numbers, including appendices • Executive Summary in two or three paragraphs

• Introduction indicating the aims and describing the context of the report. • A critical review of relevant literature.
• Description of methods of data collection and data analysis used. Ethical considerations and practices. • Research findings.
• Conclusions, implications of the findings for management. • Recommendations for action; a programme of implementation indicating resources, costs, and timescales set out in an action plan. • Personal learning statement.

• References.
• Appendices – documents and other additional information referred to in the text, such as the University’s Ethical Review Application form.

Further details are in the Module Handbook. An action plan example is on StudySpace (Session 10 materials).


You should consult with your mentor when preparing this project.

Assessment process

Your MRR will be marked by your mentor.


You must download a copy of the Module Assessment Front Cover Sheet for the MRR from StudySpace, fill in the information required, and attach this to the hard copy of your MRR. Your MRR must also be submitted via the electronic drop-box.

Your MRR must be submitted by 14...
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