"Taken"-Movie Review

Topics: Human trafficking, Prostitution, Sex industry Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: April 15, 2012
The film Taken portrays the quest of Bryan Mills - a father and retired CIA agent - to rescue his daughter, Kim, who was kidnapped while on a trip to Paris, on the very first day! Bryan retired from kicking ass and taking names to try and build a real and not-as-exciting father-daughter relationship with Kim, who lives where any other spoiled rich girl would live, California. Due to the fact that Kim thinks she can become a singer, he buys her a ridiculously expensive karaoke machine. Of course, that goes south when her rich stepfather has an even more expensive gift for her that has absolutely nothing to do with pop or singing: a horse. Days later, Bryan finds out that Kim wants to go with her friend, Amanda, to Europe for “educational purposes” alone, and that his ex-wife, Lenore, like any other rich mother of a spoiled rich girl in California, supports them. Knowing how gullible his wife is and how the story is obvious b.s., Bryan takes a glimpse into his daughter’s bag at the airport and realizes that they’re actually planning on following the awesome Irish band U2 across Europe during their Vertigo Tour. Being a fan of U2 himself, Bryan lets them go with the simple request that Kim contacts him as soon as they arrive in Paris. They arrive in Paris and completely forget about contacting Bryan, instead riding around with a complete stranger and telling him everything about their stay because, what’s the worse that could happen? Later in the day, upset over the fact that Kim wasn’t able to follow simple instructions (and possibly that he wasn’t invited), Bryan calls her and during the conversation Kim and Amanda are taken by gangsters! Determined to upstage the stepfather’s horse gift, Bryan refreshes his skills as a former badass and sets out to save his daughter from losing her virginity to prostitution, and hopefully get to see at least one of U2’s performances. Human trafficking, throughout the history of mankind, has been common practice....
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