Take Care of Your Buddy!

Topics: Nutrition, Dieting, Obesity Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Title: Take care of your buddy!

Eat, eat, and eat! Nowadays, many teens are overweight and unfit. Numerous surveys have found that more and more young people suffer from obesity, which increases one's chances of getting diabetes and puts one at risk for heart problems later on. Losing weight isn't just about appearance -it's about health.

Lack of participation in sports is a major problem that causes teenagers to be overweight. If you don't burn up calories, they will accumulate in your body, causing you to gain weight. Unfortunately, most young people love playing video and computer games more than sports. Of course, the intake of calories cannot be ignored, and obesity is the eventual result.

Another cause of obesity is the high content of calories in the diet. Eating too many calories is harmful as they will create fatty deposits in the blood vessels. This leads to obesity and heart diseases.

For youngsters under stress due to heavy loads of school work, eating candies and snacks are a common method to relieve pressure. However, it is unwise because candies and snacks cause you to gain weight easily.

In fact, we can only use one rule to solve the problem-the rate at which you burn calories should always be greater than the rate at which you consume them!

Playing sports is a good method of losing weight. Besides, you will feel more comfortable after playing sports. You can think of it as a relaxing practise to relieve stress.

To avoid the high intake of calories, you should have a balanced diet. Don't eat too many snacks! Eat much more fruits and vegetables than meat and carbohydrates. Fruits will also make you feel full.

Our bodies belong to us. Nobody knows our body better than ourselves, and we will suffer if there is anything that goes wrong with them. Being fit is good for your health, and you should keep fit from now on! Care about your buddy - your body- let's keep fit today!
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