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Topics: Nutrition, Food, Dieting Pages: 3 (714 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Keeping fit is hard? Trying hundreds of diet ways to lose weight and feel starving? Well, you should eat to be fit!

Among thousands of weight loss methods, I bet you have tried plenty, the popular ones such as apple diet,

high protein diet

or soup diet, of course there is also the fast, if on diet can be considered as scientific, the fast is obviously a suicide mission. But all these methods, don’t you find it hard to stick to it? if you find it is so hard to persist, and every now and then, you would be overeating, then this method is just a failure.

And my method is simple, healthy and effective. That is eating all. Sounds ridiculous? Let me explain. Eating all does not mean you eat whatever you want and how much you want, it means eating all kinds of foods appropriately, including vegetables, proteins, fiber and fruits.

Especially in the morning, you should eat like a king, your breakfast should not be only a cup of coffee, it should have milk or soy milk which provides you vegetable protein, meat which provides animal protein, bread provides Carbohydrate, don’t you understand? You should have as much kinds of nutrition as you can in your breakfast, and make sure each meal is a colorful and well-balanced spread of meat, vegetables, and usually vegetable is the main course while meat is the side course. Here are some sample meals I suggest:

1) A cup of soy milk, green veg, some chicken, a piece of bread, this is what I called, nicely balanced meal.

2) Nuts, bread, porridge, and some fried mixed vegetables

3) Bread, vegetable, shimps

Did you see my point here?
You should not be on diet, on diet is only reduce your metabolism which makes much harder to lose weight, the only thing you should pay attention to is the food combination. Action
Stop punishing your body by using the wrong way to lose weight. Your body deserves to be treated better. Eat when you are hungry, do not starve yourself...
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