Tailor Made Fish Farm-Food Technology

Topics: Aquaculture, Solar energy, Ammonia Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: February 18, 2012
Tailor made fish farm
Tailor Made Fish Farms is an aquaponics farm with an environmental conscious, producing quality “year-round” production of both fish( mainly barramundi) and vegetables. The fish farm uses innovative technology of a land-based modular fish production system that takes a compact, controlled and conscientious approach to production. The tailor made fish farm uses large scale, commercial production equipment, producing around 600 kilograms of barramundi per week and 22000 lettuce per month .The technology used in production is highly innovative and ecological as the water used in the fish production is treated by a biofiltration system, to convert the ammonia from the fish into nitrates. These nitrates are then used as a fertilizer for the hydroponic lettuce production. This system has environmentally sustainable advantages through combining the production. The system is minimizes water use and loss whilst the vegetables are able to fully utilize the wastewater of the fish instead of being discharged into the environment. To cater to the large scale production the tailor made fish farm uses a 24/7 electrical filtration system that filters the ammonia from the specially made fiberglass tanks in which the barramundi are stored. However there is a hand on approach to testing the water, feeding and grading of the fish. The tailor made fish farm also utilizes the energy from the sun to create a passive solar design to maintain temperatures required by the tropical fish they also make. This “green-house” design is constructed of a large concrete slab floor that runs filtration pipes through it. The walls are insulated with panels and an opaque plastic roof is used to trap the sun.
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