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Biology 102
Lab Report: Ventilation and Oxygen Consumption in Fish
The lab consists of two experiments repeated over a period one hour with fifteen minutes interval, in order to determine the effect of weight and temperature on ventilation and oxygen consumption of Carassius auratus, commonly known as goldfish. Each experiment was carried out by five groups. Measurement of ventilation was determined by recording operculum movement of the fish. Oxygen consumption was measured using oxygen probes. Experiment-1:

Experiment-1 began by removing a gold fish from the fresh water tank and carefully weighing the fish. To weigh the fish initially a beaker (half full of water) was weighed, and then the fish from the tank was added to the beaker, the difference between the two weights is the weight of the fish. The beaker was then transferred to a tank that contained water at room temperature (25 degrees). Operculum movement of the fish was observed and recorded over a minute interval. At the same instant oxygen consumption and temperature was also recorded using the oxygen probes. These steps were repeated every fifteen minutes over an hour. Experiment-2:

Experiment 2 is also identical to Experiment-1 but at temperature of fifteen degrees. For Experiment-2 another fish was removed from the tank with similar weight as the fish from Experiment-1. Operculum movement of the fish was observed and recorded over a minute interval. Oxygen consumption and temperature was also recorded at the same instant. Ventilation rate and oxygen consumption rate were observed and recorded every fifteen minutes for an hour.
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