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Title: Remember Me
Composer: Alice Walker
Type of text: Fictional Poem
Publication date: December 15, 2000

Alice deals with many issues, most of which concern historical and modern race problems in America. Through this she brings to national attention the cruelty and inhumane abuse that Americans and Africans endured. Audience:

Young adults, teenagers, political groups and adults. Walker tries to tell her audience of how much people like her suffer for being ‘Black” and how much they endure. She feels that people should know and learn from it. -------------------------------------------------

To give people an idea of justice and injustice. It is also to aware the people of how some people are being treated unequally and to make them realize how it feels to be treated in the world with injustice. -------------------------------------------------

Brief synopsis of text:
The poem ‘Remember Me’ by Alice Walker converses the persona’s miserable life and how depressed she is to not belong in the society due to her features and colour differences. The poem is all about a ‘Black women” whose been suffering a lot of pain, for being black, and she hopes + for justice. Soon she is blessed and justice is given to her because she only hoped for justice and a better life. This poem deals with a transformation of some sort from bondage to freedom.

Concept 1: The struggle of belonging due to colour
The Poem 'Remember Me' is a presentation of an ongoing theme in Alice Walker's literature; this theme is one that ignites Walker's passions because it is on that she lives day to day. Her life particularly because, she lives in an era of enormous progress for women that is a well woven filigree of injustice and not belonging and the reaction to the concept of not belonging and the injustice. Through the use of the persona that is created this specific poem represents the concept of not belonging because of an individual’s colour, that “you cannot belong in a society if you are different and are dark skinned”. However later representing the healing of the black women via the hope for justice that she deserves and is soon given to her conveying the sense that she now has been accepted and belongs in the society of who and what she is.

Throughout the poem, Alice uses various techniques to convey the sense of belonging in her poem using personification and first person to refer to her childhood wound. The girl in the poem is actually the personification of the plight of many black women whose lives are darkened by injustice of being black and female in a world that favours the white male. Even walkers wounded eye is for a representation of those masculine men who have placed on all women in society, leading to a sense of ‘not belonging’ and suffering.

Alice uses various techniques in order to represent the idea of not belonging. She uses the metaphorical language as well. In the first stanza, the persona describes its features metaphorically saying “I am the girl with the wounded eye and the melted ear”. This phrase and the word “Melted Ear” suggests that she is unhappy about her appearance as this is the only reason why she isn’t part of the society and is treated unfairly giving her a sense of not belonging.

Her last two stanzas tell humanity what women are hoping for which is “Justice and hope, hope and justice”. The women that offers the humanity that hope is offering them as a metaphor: ‘Flowers’. These flowers are twins, she says with a sense of calmness Walker tells her audience “Let us begin” the struggle to establish those twin flowers as reality and to be accepted and belong in the society.

Concept 2: An individual may not have a sense of belonging to oneself.

Throughout the poem ‘Remember Me’ another...
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