Coming of Age in Mississippi

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Human, The Nation Pages: 4 (1552 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Differences of Time
The things that can change in life during the movement of time is something that we all don’t realize, but happens constantly and can change a lot of things over the wide spam of a century. “Coming of Age in Mississippi” written by Anne Moody is a recap of her life in the 1940s to about the early 1960 in the South, and how the South became synopsis with racism, slavery, and the equal right movement for African Americans. While all this was going on in the South some parts of the nation is living in a bubble of carefree living. “The Way We Never Were” by Stephanie Coontz depicts the other extreme way of life America was living in. You have one lifestyle of industrial living in New York, Chicago, and other Industrial advanced cities in that era, and then you have the corn growing and cotton picking farmers of the South that provided all the basic needs for the industrial booming cities in the northern region of the United States.

In the autobiography written by Anne Moody, it depicts the extreme absurdity of racial classifications, the unwillingness to come together for a greater cause to provide equality for the human race in America, and what hatred because of people’s indifferences that people could not have control or abilities to adjust to conform to the majorities liking. While Anne does not question that race and racism are very real facts of life, she does show how absurd and arbitrary racial distinctions are. During Anne’s childhood, many whites publicly argued that blacks were genetically inferior to whites. When a group of people with the same interest and cause refuse to band together to improve their situation, improvement becomes impossible and without no end. Throughout this autobiography the willingness blacks are to accept injustice becomes a aggravating and frustrating fact because when you have everyone complaining about the lifestyle they are living, but don’t want to do anything about it to fix it you shouldn’t...
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