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  • Published : November 30, 2010
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Microsoft tablet pc

The History

• Launched in November 2002, just three month the shipment reach 72,000 units.

These developments make many of industry observer surprise because they forecast the market not ready to accept tablet pc until 21st century.

• A half market sales in U.S and target to get optimist market in Asia

As long they support and recognize many of language, they optimist for getting the market.

• Analysis point: will take 6-12 month for the market adoption for increasing the market.

The evolution of digital portable device

• Developing was start in 1980s. The technology is undeveloped and relative new in this period.

• Several companies begin to develop: IBM, Dell, Compaq, Fujitsu launch portable personal computing device the form in notebook and personal data assistant (PDA).

Exhibit 1. Explain us the revolution from the big mainframe computer until change to PDA or a pocket PC you can carried everywhere.

• The first generation for portable device, there’s portable in nature but for the function below from traditional desktop PCs was provide. And in this time there no feature of speech and hand recognition.

• Stylus was developing to change the function of mouse and keyboard.

• In 1990-1991 Microsoft Pen Service 1.0 OS and the respond of market is not good. This is also happen in 1995 when Microsoft trying to fix the bugs by launching Pen Windows 2.0 OS.

• In 1998 Microsoft release windows CE 2.0 with handwriting recognition. This is only 60% the accuracy to recognize the handwriting.

• In August 1999 Microsoft begin on working at the device which is called tabled pc. This combines a desktop computer, mobile computer and pen-base system, which is the notebook without keyboard and mouse.

• In 2000 Microsoft release Windows CE 3.0 with handwriting recognizing for their PDA.

Microsoft builds the tablet pc prototype

• The...
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