Table Manners

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Haley Reny Reny 1 English: Food and Culture

Professor Farmer
May 2, 2012

Table Manners

The expectations for our generation have lowered dramatically. After interviewing my grandmother’s on both my mom and dad sides about what was expected of them at the dinner table I saw a huge difference from then and now. Peoples eating manners are usually thought through your guardian’s ways. What is expected in my house is what my parent’s expect me to do anywhere I am using manners.

My grandmother on my dad’s side was a little less formal then most people back in the day. Every time before dinner her mother made her wash her hands and seat the table. Before anyone could touch anything on the table they would go around the table and say what they are thankful. After they got done praying, my grandmothers father always-got served first. When we were done with the food the mother went next and the children got the last of the food.

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While eating you were not a loud to have any of your body leaning on the table and you had to be sitting up perfectly strait. During dinner they talked about what they did exciting during the day. Once you were done with dinner you had to stay at the table until everyone else was done. Each person had to pick up there own area and each child took turns doing the dishes. Manners where always a big part of my grandmothers life and it was shown by the way she raised my dad and my uncles.

On my mothers side there family was a little stricter. My grandmother could not go to dinner unless she washed up and put on her nice clothes. She had to either wear a dress or a skirt to dinner with tights. My grandmother was...
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