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Project Management
Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date:12/10/2012
Meeting Location: Block L 05
Approval: 12/10/2012
Recorded By:Muhammad Zulhilmi B Zalzali

Name| Title| Organization| Present|
Muhammad Adib B Hamzah| Project Manager| MMC | Y|
Muhammad Zulhilmi B Zalzali| Media And Food| MMC| Y|
Ahmad Syauqi B Zazali| Media| MMC| Y|
Muhammad Hamirul Hakimi B Roslan| Floor Manager And Sponser| MMC| Y| Hafizi B Roslan| Donation| MMC| Y|
Mohd Effendy B Ali| Catering| MMC| Y|
Gan Wei Chean| Floor Manager And Activity| MMC| Y|
Priyatarshini a/p Karunanithi| Logistic And Donation| MMC| Y| Ramesh a/l Gunaseher| Donation| MMC| Y|
Aidiel Nidzam B Ismail| Shopping| MMC| Y|
Adib Asyraf B Osman| Shopping| MMC| Y|
Ahmad Mahir B Zulkipli| Logistic| MMC| Y|
Muhd Safuiddin Syafiq| Logistic| | |
Nurul Atiqah Bt Mad Isa| Food & Beverage| MMC| Y|
Nurul Atiqah Bt Mad Isa| Logistic| MMC| Y|
Farhan Faidy B| Gift| MMC| Y|
Neet| Project Manager| MMC| Y|

Meeting Location
Building: Multimedia College, Block L

Conference Room: Class L05

Meeting Start
Meeting Schedule Start: 2.00A.M
Meeting Actual Start: 2.15P.M
Meeting Scribe: discus about time and place
* When to go orphan house alnajjah
* Check name attendence list and check item list.
* Item need to buy
* How much cost each item and budget.
* What activity can do at orphan house Al-Najjah
* Give an idea for activity.
* Permission
* Go to place where orphan house Al-Najjah asking for service and donation project.

Meeting End
Meeting Schedule End: 2.00P.M
Meeting Actual End: 2.30P.M
Post Meeting Action Items
Action| Assigned To| Deadline|
None| None| None|
Decisions Made
* Create attendance list and create item list and keep resict to know how much cost all item. * Buy for...
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