Systems Analysis Report

Topics: Requirements analysis, Requirement, Candidate solution Pages: 11 (2710 words) Published: July 15, 2012
Systems Analysis Report
INF630: Systems Analysis

The company, a manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, currently uses manual technologies and methods to record repair orders for any work that is to be performed under warranty. While a legacy mainframe is used to produce reports which are then analyzed by engineers to determine any trends or problem areas in new hardware models, due to the convoluted and lengthy process to collate information from Sales & Service centers before they arrive at headquarters offers a substantial opportunity whereby the efficiency of this operation can be significantly improved along with a positive impact on development and customer service as a result. With executive backing the objective is to implement an infrastructure with rapid entry, exchange and analysis of data to improve the competitive position of the organization. The proposal is to update the current system with a client-server based platform which supports the need for real-time data entry and collation as well as appropriate reporting methods. As a result of implementing such a system then there will be several costs incurred which need to be given due consideration. Not only would there be hardware and infrastructure costs but there would also be skilled labor costs to be borne as part of the project and some of these costs would continue on an ongoing basis. The costs will be broken down in terms of initial costs and then ongoing costs with each broken down into relevant categories incorporating Hardware, Software, Maintenance and Personnel. Given the request for a client-server based system there are alternative systems that can be deployed but the estimated upfront costs will largely be similar so other areas will come into play in order to determine the best solution. The Estimated Costs for implementing and maintaining the system are detailed in the tables below and include provision for entering the historical data for this project in order to ensure that the reporting methods are using all available data. Database connectivity has been assumed for 5 offices and therefore 5 clients as this will tie in with the default CAL for the Windows Server platform being specified. This can be increased as and when needed.

|Development Costs | | | | | | |Personnel: | | |2 |Database Designer (200 hours/ea $50.00/hr) |$20,000.00 | |2 |Programmer (200 hours/ea $35.00/hr) |$14,000.00 | | 1 |System Architect (50 hours/ea $50.00/hr) |$2,500.00 | | 1 |Data Entry Clerk (150 hours/ea $15.00/hr) |$2,250.00 | | | | | |New Hardware & Software: | | | 1 |Server | $2,500.00 | | 1 |Server software (Server 2008) | $1,000.00 | | 1 |Database software (Microsoft Access) | $150.00 | | 5 |Database software (Microsoft Access)/Client install |$750.00 | |5 |Client workstations (Windows 7) |$2,500.00 | | |...
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