System Development Life Cycle

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System Development life cycle, (SDLC) is the development of custom information system for large IT projects. With the right information input on an organizations needs it will develop a system from start to finish. The phases of this process are, * System investigation, this is where professionals gather information on what problems a business may have, the software and programs that are needed, and what problems that may occur. * System analysis, this stage defines in detail the problem, cause, and solution the organizations plan to solve with its information systems. * System design, this phase is where the technical design is developed. This includes hardware, software, database, telecommunications and procedures. This is done in logical and physical design which states what the system will do and how the system will perform. * Programming is the process of turning the system design specification in to computer code. * Testing, this is where the system is tested to see if the codes will produce desired results. This is done throughout the programming stage. * Implementation is where the system is deployed and the old system is out. This is done in three stages, direct conversion: the old system is turned off and the new is turned on. Pilot conversion: the system is operational in small areas of the business. Phased conversions: where components are introduced until the system is fully functional. * Operations and maintenance, where the system is debugged of any problems.

The people who participate in the development of the information system are Users such as employees who will be using the system. System analysts these are people who are trained in analyzing and designing information systems. Technical specialists are experts in technology of their field. System stockholders are the owners and managers of the system they are involved throughout the development.
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