Synthesis: Virtue and Bowen Mrs. Dickinson

Topics: Virtue, Tears, Crying Pages: 4 (923 words) Published: June 8, 2014
Synthesis Essay on Mrs. Dickinson and Hester
George Henry Lewes once said, “Insincerity is always weakness; sincerity even in error is strength”. In the story “Rocking Horse Winner”, by D.H Lawrence the mother Hester appears to be an ideal and caring mother, but in reality she is not. In the story “Tears, Idle Tears”, by Elizabeth Bowen Mrs. Dickinson (the mother) cares about how people perceive her in public more than her son’s emotions. Both Hester and Mrs. Dickinson are insincere but, Mrs. Dickinson is more insincere than Hester. Mrs. Dickinson can be very self-centered when it comes to her image. Hester enjoys impressing others by showing false affection towards her children. Mrs. Dickinson criticizes her son to maintain her own reputation.

Mrs. Dickinson strives to maintain her image in the eyes of others. Mrs. Dickinson “… [is] one of those woman who have an unfailing sense of what to say, and say it: despair, perversity, or stubborn virtue must actuate them” (111). Mrs. Dickinson understands that being harsh on Fredrick (her son), hurts him extensively but she continues to be harsh. She doesn’t have much concern towards Fredrick’s feelings; Mrs. Dickinson just ignores Fredrick when he cries. Mrs. Dickinson punishes her son for crying in public, by not taking him to the zoo. Despite Mrs. Dickinson’s ignorant behavior towards her son she tells everyone, “… there is Fredrick. I bound to put him firs t… “(113). Mrs. Dickinson rejects marriage proposals by saying that she cares about Fredrick first; whereas the truth behind her rejection is that she likes to be seen as a very independent woman, since she is a single mother. Mrs. Dickinson “[lifts] her chin with that noble, decided movement so many people liked” (111). Mrs. Dickinson adores displaying herself as a gallant woman by keeping her chin up. She only acts as if she cares about Fredrick because it helps strengthen her false image of being self-reliant. Mrs. Dickinson strives to impress whoever she...
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