The Metaphor

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The Metaphor

The people you interact in your live influences who you become. In Budge Wilson's short story "The Metaphor" two characters named 'Miss Hancock' and 'Charlottes Mother' are both important role models for Charlotte, who is the main character. These women have very different personalities, with a few similarities.

Miss Hancock and Charlotte's mother have a few similarities. One characteristic is that they are both important role models in Charlotte's life. At school, Charlotte idolizes Miss Hancock. At home Charlotte doesn't idolize her mother like she does for her teacher, but she is an important figure all the same. Charlotte's personality blooms off of both. She is in love with literature; but she also shares the neat and controlling trait from her mother, when she cleaned after herself immediately in the kitchen after she made herself a meal (p 64). Another similarity that Miss Hancock and Charlotte's Mother share is that they are both working women. They are around the same age, eccentric and independent.

Besides their similarities, Miss Hancock and Charlottes mother are so different that they contrast each other. Miss Hancock is unmarried woman who encourages Charlotte to be expressive. On the other hand, Charlotte’s Mother doesn’t support or care much about Charlotte’s enthusiasm for the subject. As a child, playing with toys wasn’t allowed because it made a mess “A toy ceased to be a toy once it left the toy cupboard” (p 65). Miss Hancock loves teaching children, so if she were Charlotte’s mother, she would tell her to make as much of a mess as she wants. Miss Hancock and Charlotte’s mother are an example of character foil.

Based on Budge Wilson's descriptions, these women look nothing alike. Miss Hancock dressed exuberantly. She would wear "Colorful beaded and embroidered blouses", and her makeup could "... keep a student interested for half an hour if she or he were bored with a grammar assignment" (p 65). In the story,...
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